How A.I. Light Up Works

My name is Ms. Rosa, and I am a neuroscientist.  

My school is A.I. Light Up.

 I created a solution to rapidly advance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) using LEGO.

I developed this to help children perform at the prodigy level.

Are you concerned about your child’s future in an era of online learning?

Do you want your kids to be happy and at the same time become one of the smartest kids in class?

Are you concerned and wondering what, if any college your child will get into?

If you want your child to think for themselves, while being happy and motivated to learn, you’re invited to have your child attend my introductory demo class on robotics.

How will learning engineering principles support your child’s focus?

In the demo class you will watch how your student responds to thinking challenges and problem-solving.

During the class I invite you to observe your child closely.

Here’s what your child stands to lose if you decide to not train your child on the mechanics of thinking:

Without this type of training, they lose out on increasing their working memory.

Working memory gives each of us the capacity to:

·     Focus our attention.

·     Retain information in our mind.

·     Mentally manipulate the information we have.

·     Properly process the audio/visual/combo information we obtain.

Can you imagine, the importance of doing this, for your child's academic success??

Working memory, in neuroscience, is the biggest predictor of academic success.

This is the working space for:

·     Imagination

·     Reading comprehension

·     Complex problem-solving

·     Mental math

I expand, stretch and properly challenge your child's brain for an unheard of 60 minutes and leave them wanting for more. I am an applied neuroscientist, and I’ve translated this training into challenges using LEGO engineering that kids can relate to.

We don't take every student who applies and we are looking for students with a certain mental approach.

This introductory class will show you if your child is a good fit for our academy.

 Sign up and watch your child transform before your eyes.

What would you lose?  What do they stand to lose when you don’t try?

Join us, while you sit back and watch your child’s brain come alive. We can hardly wait.